a tisket, a tasket….a new spring basket!!

remember last week i shared a glimpse of some fabric from dear stella?DSCN5815

today i’m sharing what became of that fabric. dear stella asked us to come up with an idea for spring/easter using this line and here’s the little basket that was born!
basket final
there are lots of tutorials out in the web world for round baskets, but very few for a rectangular one, so that’s what we made. and instead of stitching the fabric strips together, they are overlapped, giving it a bit more dimension. with little handles on each end i’ve found all sorts of uses for this little gem, from organizing my sewing accessories to holding bath essentials…it’s the perfect size for cd’s and my sister pointed out that it would be great holding diapers on a changing table! centerpiece? check! easter basket? check! it’s sturdy thanks to peltex interfacing, yet pretty simple to put together. the tutorial will walk you through each step.

it’s not quite ready for prime time….dear stella will be putting the tutorial on their site in the next few weeks…just in time for spring!!
additional basket finalbasket optional final

ps-thanks amy for doing yet another great job photographing both the finished basket and the instructional steps!!


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