winter rock





DSCN5826we have a lovely old theater in the next town over nearby that has been beautifully restored and offers quite a wide range of entertainment for such a small town.  saturday evening my husband and i joined some of my co-workers for a concert.  “get the led out” is a led zeppelin tribute band, and while everyone who has seen them told me that i was in for a treat, i didn’t expect the show i got!  really and truly, there were moments when you could close your eyes and swear that jimmy page and robert plan were on that little stage!  and so we rocked!  ending with “stairway to heaven” and “whole lotta love”.   just what we needed on a cold winter night.  this morning we were greeted with more snow and once again my property becomes a winter wonderland….even that tiny bird nest outside my bedroom window has a “roof” of snow!  added to that…my laundry is done, my house is relatively clean and i got quite a bit of sewing done and you’ve got one great weekend!



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