let the games begin…it’s selfish sewing week!


selfish sewing week begins monday.  if you haven’t heard about it, check out all the details here.  i love the idea, even though i probably won’t enter anything into the contest.  personally, i’m using the challenge as an excuse to do some sewing for myself….me, me, me.  i mean isn’t that what the title says??  of course i have no idea what i’m going to sew….suggestions are always welcome!!  i just know that i’m going to make myself at least one complete garment!  who knows…i may get carried away and complete two, but let’s not board the train to crazytown quite yet.  i’ve gone so far as to pull a couple pieces of fabric from the stash and over the weekend i’ll contemplate, mull over, fondle and manipulate while awaiting an epiphany….it will come!!

i’m challenging everyone who reads this post to join in.  join the challenge and submit your masterpiece, or just join me in whipping up something new for yourself.  and share with us!!  i’ll be checking in on all the bloggers participating and stalking all the pics for inspiration.  hope to see some of your creations among them!

here’s a list of all the bloggers participating next week.  there’s some amazing talent here….enjoy!

Selfish Sewing Week Bloggers

And make sure you keep an eye on these bloggers during the week! You’ll be seeing some amazing projects with stunning fabrics that you won’t want to miss.

Imagine Gnats Featured Bloggers

Indiesew Featured Bloggers

Blog Tour Bloggers



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