selfishly sewing




DSCN5861while technically i began these two projects BEFORE selfish sewing week began, i’m counting them since i didn’t finish them until monday.  and technically, they’re not for me….they’re for amy….but i’m still counting them because…well, just because!  first up was our own market day tunic in an anna maria horner fabric from her little folks collection.  this voile is ever so soft and drapey, although it does tend to crease quite a bit (more on that in a minute!).  next came a clara dress from sew liberated.  i’ve been fortunate to be able to work with meg and danica (brand new mom by the way) at sew liberated for many years now and i love this clara dress.  unfortunately it’s a bit young for this old lady, so i was thrilled when amy asked for one.  we used a sarah watts  fabric (by blend) called timber & leaf….darling little fox heads.  it’s an older fabric and sarah is now part of cotton & steel.  amy has yet to choose buttons, but except for that, this one too is ready to go.  the only change i made was to the sleeve.  the clara was designed with a keyhole opening on the sleeve, but we opted to omit the keyhole and add a few mini pleats instead and i’m really please with how it worked.  since i didn’t have amy here to model, my old standby eloise (yes, her name changes on a whim!!) stood in her place….amy is much less crooked, and, sorry eloise, she’s more fun to talk to!

oh…those creases??  i finally got to use my newest studio gadget.  that little mini steamer was a Christmas gift from my sister.  i’ve used the huge professional ones before and wasn’t quite sure how this one would perform.  it gets a standing ovation!!  what a handy little tool…thanks sis!!

it’s only wednesday…the week is young, still time for something from the studio for myself!!



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