Selfish Sewing and a Giveaway!

Although I didn’t get around to any selfish sewing this week, I did get some planned and prepped which I will be sharing soon (I hope, anyway… it’s supposed to be an Easter dress, so we’ll see). I was thinking about “selfish sewing” though, and I realized that all of my sewing is selfish to some extent. I like to have beautiful, unique things around me. I can’t often afford to buy things that are high-end enough to be exclusive, although I patronize Etsy and independent artists when I can, so I learned to make things myself.  I love the time I spend in the studio creating. I love to see the finished projects in use and I especially love responding to compliments with “Thanks. I made it!”


I made my wedding dress.


I make some of my everyday clothes.


I make clothes for my kids.


I made the cover and cushions for our daybed.


I made the (not even remotely matching) quilt and pillow for Jack’s bed. (All of the pictures of Jack sleeping places other than our bed are IN NO WAY WISHFUL THINKING in case you were wondering.)


I made a fun shower curtain for my cousin’s new house.


I made a pretty quilt that we gave away to one of our readers last summer to celebrate Samuel’s birth.


And now Kim and I make sewing patterns to make it a little easier for others to add a little beauty and “specialness” to their everyday, too.

I hinted on Instagram yesterday that I was thinking of giving away a handful of vintage patterns since I just came into a bounty of them. We’re going for it, and as a springy/ selfish sewing bonus I will throw in one of our patterns of your choice. To enter, follow our blog if you don’t already (sign up in the sidebar) and leave a comment telling us about one of your favorite or most special sewing projects. I will choose a comment at random and announce the winner on the blog Wednesday,  so be sure to check back!


Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “Selfish Sewing and a Giveaway!

  1. I have many favorite or special sewing projects but the one that comes to mind, I remade my wedding dress into a baptismal gown for our first grandchild! It was a boy! And there have been two boys since, told their dads it would be the only time their sons would wear Mimi’s clothes! Thanks for asking!

    • How sweet! I’m sure it was fun to get to sew something pretty for boys. Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing for my boys, but I do find myself daydreaming in the lace aisle once in a while. 🙂

  2. I recently made a few Finlayson tops for my 15yo son. When complimented at school, he shared that his mom made it and his friends wanted to know if I could make them one too. When he needed a welding cap, his first question if I could make one. He’s now sporting a welding cap made of fun fabric that fits his personality! I love that he’s thinking make versus buy!

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