randomly on a monday

i’m a winter girl, i admit it proudly!  i’ve always had a tough time accepting spring and it’s mucky wetness…that is, until the muck is gone and what’s left is fresh green growth and birdsong!  the last several days (with the exception of one dreary rain day) have been pretty glorious around these parts and i’m finding myself thinking spring!  dreading the weeding, edging and mulching but looking forward to the results.  the past week has turned my hillside from this…

to this…
not nearly as pretty, but ever so much easier to walk the dogs!!  and soon the green will come…and need to be mowed!
i found these popping up through the snow a few weeks ago.   i’m pretty sure they’re exciting to be bathed in spring sunshine!  and soon their colorful little blooms will bring me excitement too.


my selfish sewing was sort of a bust!!  i selfishly spent a lot of time working on some new designs, which i love. but i haven’t thrown in the towel on some sewing for me quite yet. this light flocked cotton will eventually become a top, whether in these patterns or another. and i’ve been wanting to make a spring trench for years…maybe this will be that year!!

and for no other reason than i think it’s beautiful i’m sharing this cake plate. a gift from amy this christmas, i love how the light reflects through it. inspiration.   in a couple of hours it will be holding cinnamon chip scones, hot from the oven…be still my cinnamon loving heart!

don’t forget our vintage pattern giveaway!! follow us and leave a comment telling about your favorite sewing project. some lucky sewist will receive a bundle of vintage patterns AND a snapdragon studios pattern of their choice. just in time for your own spring sewing!


2 thoughts on “randomly on a monday

  1. I’m curious about your cinnamon chip scones. What kind of cinnamon chips do you use? I used to be addicted to the cinnamon scones from Starbucks, but they’ve changed and they aren’t the same. I would love to just make them myself!

    • hi teri,
      i’m lucky to have an amish market in town that carries a decent cinnamon chip, but my favorites come from king Arthur flour. I use a lot of their baking additions, especially their grain mix for bread.

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