Swanky vintage patterns and giveaway day!

Have you seen the McCalls Pattern Behavior tumblr yet?  Go look.  It’s hilarious.

I enjoy vintage patterns.  I always learn something from them, whether it be a nicer hem finish, how to pad stitch a jacket (although I haven’t been brave enough to attempt that yet), or how to make gorgeous seam lines on a blouse for a special fit and finish.  I like the care that they suggest went into making garments – things could be beautiful and functional and a sewing project didn’t necessarily have to be finished in a couple of hours (although I appreciate the benefit of quick sewing projects, too!)

Since it’s almost spring and we haven’t done a giveaway in a while, I thought I would offer a handful of nifty vintage patterns that were part of a collection I was gifted recently.  I picked out some that I think would look great in modern fabrics, especially since it seems that the ’70s are back.


The power trousers are a little more ’80s, but I kept wanting to make up captions for that pattern cover in my head (“We wear our grey power trousers for work AND play.”  “Does this tie say ‘I will be the one to break the glass ceiling’?  That’s what I was going for.”)

The peasant dress would look fantastic in a drapey voile or even a lightweight knit and I can see the tunic dress in a chambray or light linen blend.


I am also including the unmentionables pattern in the mix above because I am somewhat taken with the idea of making my own delicates.

And, really, the cardigans are too much fun not to share.  I’m not sure why I don’t have matching argyle knit cardigan and trousers in my closet, but obviously everyone should.  And those knee socks… I die.

2015-03-18 07.26.20

Anyway, the random number generator chose 3, so this bounty plus one of our patterns goes to Shari who said “I recently made a few Finlayson tops for my 15yo son. When complimented at school, he shared that his mom made it and his friends wanted to know if I could make them one too. When he needed a welding cap, his first question if I could make one. He’s now sporting a welding cap made of fun fabric that fits his personality! I love that he’s thinking make versus buy!”

Congratulations, Shari!  Send me an email at ohsnapdragonstudios@gmail.com with your mailing address and which of our patterns you fancy!

Who has selfish sewing lined up even though selfish sewing week is over?  I have a somewhat ambitious plan for an Easter dress, but if that fails I will be making a sweet Market Day Tunic shift dress to wear to church on Easter.  Other than that my sewing time has been spent working on some new patterns for Snapdragon Studios, so all of that is under wraps for a little longer!  What are you sewing these days?


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