age is a relative thing

several weeks ago it was elizabeth’s turn.  this week was mine….my birthday!  lucky for me it landed on one of my “work from home” days and i was able to enjoy it in my own way, which really wasn’t all that different from every other day.  the sun was out making my studio bright and inspiring so i spent a good deal of my time there.  my boys and their girlfriends significant others woman folk ,whatever the new politically correct term is now for long term relationships, came to the house and we grilled out.  not always able to do that when your birthday falls in mid march!  and you mothers among us know how special it is to have all your children back in the house together, even if only for a few hours!

my mother loves to tell the story of how she and my father made the 30 mile trek to the hospital in the middle of the night during a blizzard/ice storm the night I was born.  the only car actually on the road and not in the ditch.  maybe that’s why i love winter so much?  but this year nature gave me a warmish, sunnyish day to celebrate.  and that’s just how i felt…warm and sunny.






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