Music and sewing and second call for the giveaway

First off, Shari was the winner of the pattern giveaway, but I haven’t heard from her yet!  Shari, if you see this, shoot me an email at with your address by Wednesday and I will send them your way, but in the meantime, anyone is free to comment on this post (perhaps answer the questions I pose at the end?) to be entered to win in the event that I don’t hear from Shari.

Now that the weather is more moderate, I’ve been able to work in my new studio without my fingers freezing off.  (My studio is in the back quarter of our detached, unheated garage, and while I have a little electric heater out there, it was no match for the -20 degree days we’ve had the past couple of months.)

Image here

When I was in high school our sewing area was in the basement of my parents’ house.  I loved staying up way too late puttering around down there, putting on some music and sewing the night away.  I am not naturally a night person, but for some reason I have always gotten my best sewing done at night.  My late night sewing has been curtailed since Paul and I got married because our house is tiny (not hyperbole – it’s 484 square feet if you measure from the outside corners) and he has to get up early for work.  It’s been even so since we had kids, because they sleep in the front room of our house and we have the bedroom, so unless I were to drag a table into the (47 square foot) kitchen, which connects to the front room anyway, there’s nowhere to go that won’t bother someone.

My studio, which Paul and I built last fall but has only recently gotten steady use, is amazing.  I’m not going to share pictures yet because I want to paint and make it pretty before anyone sees it, but suffice it to say that it’s a dream come true.  The heater makes it cozy on (moderately)  chilly nights and no one except perhaps our outdoor cat is bothered by the lights and the noise.

I recently dragged my high school/ college cd collection out of storage and have been rekindling my love of putting a cd in the player and stitching away.  (We have an iPod, but something about sewing demands cds for me.  I like the way they mark time – one cd is about an hour, so I measure my sewing time in albums instead of by the clock.)

On the turntable last night (so to speak):

Paul Simon’s Graceland (twice because I love it)

Broken Valley Roadshow’s Disgrace & Celebration

Rhonda Vincent’s All American Bluegrass Girl

What do you listen to when you sew?  Am I the last person in the world who still likes cds?  Would you make fun of me for confessing that I’ve been eyeing up my (considerable) collection of Broadway albums?  Will the neighbors think I’m weird if they hear “NAAAANTS INGOOOONNYAMA bagithi BAbaaa”* coming out of my garage at 12:30 in the morning?


*(Ok, so I just looked up the lyrics to “The Circle of Life” so I could spell that awesome opening line – did you know that it’s Zulu for “Here comes a lion, Father?”  I didn’t either.  That’s totally sweet.)


One thought on “Music and sewing and second call for the giveaway

  1. I listen to audio books or watch movies while I sew. My favorite audiobooks to listen to are Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books because they’re clever and funny, but easy to absorb (which is to say that if I have to focus for a moment, I might miss the joke, but I don’t fall behind in the plot).

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