Sewing lessons at the library

In case you didn’t know, my day job is at a library. Luckily libraries aren’t going anywhere- our community library system circulates over a million items a year (!!) and the branch where I work gets about 250-300 patrons through the doors a day. Even cooler, though, we’re not just doing books anymore! We have a video game room, the main library has a guitar library and is offering guitar lessons, and now we are hosting sewing lessons.


We’re working toward a sewing machine lending library in the future (Here’s an article about a library that’s doing it already), but for now we’re offering sewing lessons twice a month to people who bring their own machines along.

We’ve had a great response so far.  Their first project was a simple tissue holder for a purse or backpack, but now I am looking for more ideas. We have adults and kids, both boys and girls- what are some great, simple projects that can be completed in an hour and a half or so and that will teach them the basics of sewing? For the time being we are supplying all the materials needed, so it’s better if the projects don’t require expensive, specialized supplies (so far we’re cleaning out our fabric stashes!).

I am also starting to look into good, mid-range (ideally less than $300) machines to recommend the library buy. What machine do you use? Is it durable? Would it hold up to use by sewists of a variety of skill levels?  I have a basic Baby Lock that has served me well, but I am open to ideas!

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Sewing lessons at the library

  1. what a great idea! some projects I have thought of are a pillowcase, pin cushion, scissor keeper, needle book, covered notebook, mug rug made using the birthing method rather than with a binding, simple fabric box/bin, laundry bag made from an upcycled pillowcase or an apron made from a pair of old jeans (one pair will get you 2 aprons)….You could even ask for donations from patrons of pillowcases, fabric or old sheets or duvet covers that could be reused as fabric and made into new treasures! Also instead of creating something for themselves to take home, perhaps they could all work on blocks of different kinds for a sampler quilt that could be donated or raffled off….

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