The Pinked Pen Keeper tutorial

I’ve had a spring-y little pen holder on the brain for a few weeks since I bought a pretty journal for my secret sister’s treat this month.  I am a journal fiend, but I never seem to have a pen nearby when I need one, so this seemed like the perfect fix.


Of course, it was 17 degrees and had snowed the morning I was photographing the “spring-y” tutorial, but oh well.


Happy spring!

The tutorial is available as a downloadable PDF here or click on the picture below to open it!

pinked pen keeper banner



3 thoughts on “The Pinked Pen Keeper tutorial

    • Thanks, Noelle! You could definitely adapt this to house multiple pens. I would add about an inch in width per additional pen (so cut it 2.5″ wide for 2 pens, 3.5″ for 3…) and just stitch vertical channels in the pen pocket to keep them in there tightly. You could use extra wide elastic or just do two pieces of 1″ elastic side by side. I would love to see what you come up with!

      • Awesome, that makes sense! I will try to post a photo if I get around to it anytime soon, hehe, just got back into sewing and I have several projects waiting…

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