easter finery

in your easter bonnet“…i used to sing that song while picking out just the right hat to match my easter dress.  the easter dress that my mother put many hours into making, one for me and one for my little sister.  oddly, i don’t remember her making one for herself. but i have very clear memories of many of those fancy dresses she created for me.  each year mom would pull together the pattern and fabric, then spend days making those special outfits, complete with white gloves, hats, mary janes and white socks.  then on easter morning we would stand in our finery before heading to church and dad would take our picture.

C_K Easter love the ruffles on those socks!!  oh, how i loved that little purse.  and such a dapper big brother!
Image_easterthe little sister came along and then there were 3.  i don’t know if mom made her dress, but isn’t she beautiful? no white gloves that year, but a nice bruised shin to show off.


i remember this one sooo well….yellow linen and a floral bolero jacket to match….with stockings!!  the perfect hat…and the gloves make their appearance once more!  yet another pair of mary janes…and always the lady like pose.

something struck me when looking back at these pics from my childhood….nothing much has changed!  the easter outfits that we wore would still work today (okay, maybe without the gloves, but they were still pretty cool!).  the boxy jacket and full skirt, the princess cut dress and matching bolero….they’re still being worn. mothers still sit at their sewing machines (computerized ones now) and create beautiful dresses for their girls…girls still show off their easter finery, twirling in their full skirts and becoming young ladies in their dresses and jackets.

did your mother sew for you?  and do you still remember your favorite dresses?  maybe you’re the mom now, creating  memories for your children.  strut your stuff this easter, with or without white gloves…and take pictures!!

happy easter!!


and that little basket handbag?  i’d carry it today if it was still around!


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