several many years ago when my boys were boy scouts, we would travel to west virginia (or “west for tuna” as the one in the middle used to call it) for an annual white water rafting trip down the new river (if you’ve never been…you must!).  these trips were always very, very (VERY) early in the spring as that was when we could get the best rates plus have the trip fall over a long weekend without missing school.  my parents joined us on many of these trips because there always seemed to be one child always too young or too old for the actual rafting.  their job was to entertain for the afternoon while the rest of us braved the river.  between the scout camp and the cabin where my parents would stay (and we would ALL enjoy warm showers!) was a small pond in the curve of the road winding through the forest.  and every year i was mesmerized by the spring peepers singing from that pond and would beg my husband to turn around and drive past “just one more time”.

peepers are probably my very favorite part of spring.  i await their song impatiently….standing on my hillside or on the deck each evening, listening for their serenade.  during the past week or two I’ve heard hints of their awakening from winter hibernation, but last night was a symphony!  in the woods at the bottom of our hill is a spot i’d call more of a bog than a pond and it seems to be a favorite spot for my peepers.  their song is a mating song (usually sung in a trio…nature lesson for the day!) and they had me at “peep”!!  i can now proclaim that spring has arrived.

it’s gray and wet this week, but as i walked out the door to get my mail, this is what greeted me…


my crocus have been blooming for a while now, but this morning each and every clump had blooms.  my daffodils face north and are always a bit slow to bloom (they ARE in bud though), but out by the mailbox a few bright yellow heads nodded hello.


in the studio i’m putting together illustrations for one of our “coming soon” accessory patterns. in our first three patterns we used hand drawn illustrations. for the accessories we’re trying photographed steps. we’d love your input!! do you like photographs as illustrations? if so, do you prefer stark photos, using plain fabric and contrasting thread make the steps more clear? or would you rather see a drawn illustration, either by hand or computer generated?

enjoy each small spring moment….and go outside tonight and listen to the spring peeper serenade!


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