trolling the internets

a while ago i did a simple search of “summer jazz dress” and was rewarded with a beautiful version made by the lovely lorelie. not only is she beautiful, but she’s got the creative fire.  her summer jazz dress took my breath away and after perusing her site i found so much inspiration….i want to be her new best friend!!Summer Jazz Dress 682x1024 Summer Jazz Dress

she looks so carefree….exactly what i imagined when designing the dress.  i mean, doesn’t she just look like a summer day?

everyone needs to go take a look at her site.  there’s something there for every type of “crafter”….sewing, knitting, kids, cooking, even parties!  i’m seriously wanting to jump on a plane and go visit for a week month!!  lorelie did what she called “mend it mondays” which was really such a cool idea….every monday, mend or repair something.  all those little projects that sit broken, needing just a tiny bit of tender care…what a great way to approach those things.  i’m pretty sure i could fill most of a year fixing/mending one thing per week.

i can name at least on or two small girls (hello hannah and bug!!) in my life who would proclaim this cake as “AWESOME”!!

princess cake 682x1024 Princess Castle Cake

and this owl mug cozy has inspired me to try (once again) my hand at crochet…..i’m an avid knitter who seems to have some sort of mental block when it comes to crochet!!  no excuses…i just pretty much stink at it.

so, while i may have been trolling “the internets” in search of summer jazz sitings, what i came away with was a great new blog to follow and hopefully a new friendship to foster.  gotta love the internets!!

happy monday!!  go mend something!



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