birds of a feather

for the past several weeks i’ve felt like i was in a hidden camera remake of hitchcock’s “the birds”.  for some reason my house has always attracted birds who seem to be just “a few feathers short”, meaning of course, demented!!  years ago we had a robin who spent all day, every day, jumping from the deck rail and plastering himself on the glass of our bay window.  no, he couldn’t see a reflection….we checked.  we final deterred him with a rubber snake attached to the railing…BUT…he returned 3 years in a row!!

this year is our second “season of the cardinal”.  now, i love cardinals….just not this one, who feels compelled to leap from the lilac by my bedroom window and flail against the bedroom window….beginning each and every morning at 4:30 a.m.  last year, putting the screens back into the window worked, but not this year.  he would hang from the screen, seemingly very confused when his poor little head failed to hit glass!  and so, we have a bird of a different sort now perched in the lilac…a plastic hawk!

DSCN5938we put the fear of kim in that little birdie, that is until he relocated to the living room windows!

time to pull out the rubber snake.


he’s eased off a bit, although there were a couple of days when he took a liking to hubby’s truck.  i felt bad for the little guy…he had no clue that around these parts truck windows are more hallowed than house windows!  so, the wee birdie drama was solved (for the most part)…but then the turkeys came to visit.

we have lots of wild turkeys in the area.  i can hear them settling in for the night down in the woods.  usually they’re not too interested in getting to know us on a personal level.  we appear, they head for the hills.  but two weeks ago a lovely couple (of turkeys) spent most of their evening pecking in my yard (and on my front porch), while tormenting my poor dogs!  i went to the garage to get a closer look, and a picture, hoping to not scare them off.  i didn’t need to worry.  when they heard me at the window they came over, looked up at me and pecked at the door.

i got my picture and they got bored and left. a neighbor has since told us that they came into his garage without fear. maybe it was date night.

i won’t get my feathers ruffled over cardinals and turkeys…at least they’re not skunks.
but that’s another story, for another day.


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