The early garden

One of my favorite things about spring is watching my garden come to life.  This week marks five years since I moved into my house and each year I have planted a few more things here and there that come back to greet me. Here are a few that are making me smile today…



Some pretty daffodils. I forget the name of the first, but the second are called “summer cheer” and are multi-headed daffs. They are late bloomers, but I love them.


A lovely tulip that somehow ended up in my garlic (/weed *cough cough*) patch. Thanks for the surprise, squirrels!


My Lenten Rose is going gangbusters this year. This is the biggest it has ever been.


The flowering quince is…well…flowering. I have heard that you can make jam from quince berries. Anyone know anything about that? I would like to try this year.


I include the fence for scale on my loveage plant. By the end of the summer this one will be taller than I am. The stalks are thick like celery and the leaves taste celery-ish, too. The stalks are awesome as stirrers in a Bloody Mary and the leaves are nice in marinades and herb salads. This looks like summertime to me.


Ugly picture for now, but Jack and I planted the salad bed a couple of days ago and we are anxiously awaiting fresh greens from the garden.


Not from my garden, but we picked up this pretty planter at our local Mennonite bulk foods store because I can’t pass up a snapdragon and this one was in my favorite color.

What is making you smile today?


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