monday, monday

i haven’t “written” a coffee date for a while, so let’s pretend that no one has to rush to get ready for work, pour a cup of fresh brewed coffee and catch up!

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d have us sit by the bay window so we could see the morning sun shining on the woods and watch the spring birds. it’s a bit chilly this morning for coffee on the deck….but it won’t be long.

i’d tell you that I had a good weekend. a rainy Saturday spent searching one of our favorite antique malls for just the right picture frame, but without luck. still a nice way to spend an afternoon. a sunny sunday filled with all the mundane tasks that always seem to leave for the weekend, but there was nascar….and sun. did i mention sun?

i’d ask about what projects you have been working on….maybe ask some advice on one of our new patterns. without giving anything away, i can say that one is a garment and i spent some time last week mocking it up in a lovely chiffon. unfortunately i spent a lot of that time cursing the chiffon…not that it did anything wrong, but my hands are dry…i’m sure you get the rest!! just when i had that little rolled hem just where i wanted it, the fabric would snag on my raggedy fingers and i would start again.

so then i would ask your opinion on hand lotions. got a favorite? one that really, really works but doesn’t necessarily smell like flowers, fresh linen, a spring meadow or cookie dough? one that doesn’t leave you feeling greasy? that’s what friends are for…great hand lotion advice!

we’d probably talk about books we’re reading…i’m restarting “truman” by david mccullough. i dearly loved “john adams” but think maybe i should have taken a short break before beginning another heavyweight. it’s been sitting patiently and i think it’s time to give it another look.

and then i would look at the clock, panic, gulp down the rest of my coffee and offer you a ride to work…before we’re both late!! but not before asking if my shoes look okay with the slacks i’m wearing.

before we leave, take a look at my orchid. last week it had 2 blooms, but this week there are five and a couple more buds to go. this is it’s 4th or 5th year!


go forth and have a great week!


2 thoughts on “monday, monday

  1. Hemp Hand protector from the body shop, I keep it on my desk. It comes in a foil tube..they have other yummy scents and such but the hemp one is heavy duty

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