A wee foxy pouch

I made a little purse pouch to thank Amy for some tutorial photos she took for me and I am pretty smitten with it so I thought I would share. 


The fabric is from Dear Stella’s new Hilltop collection. How adorable are those foxes? I made a couple of Follow Me Pillows for Dear Stella’s quilt market booth and had just enough scrap left over to whip up this little pouch. 


Amy wanted it to wrangle some charger cables and whatnot in her purse, but for the purpose of illustration I decanted the contents of my “stuff” bag into it so you could get a sense of the size. I didn’t think the internets needed one more zipper pouch tutorial, but I can scan the pattern piece I made and share it if anyone wants. This bag ended up being about 4″ tall and 5″ wide at the bottom tapering out to 7ish” at the top because it drives me crazy to open a pouch and not be able to see what’s in there.


What are you sewing these days? Are you as into foxes as the rest of the world seems to be? Are foxes the new owls? Discuss.

Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “A wee foxy pouch

  1. Honestly, I am not a fox person. Nor am I an owl person… but I do find this fabric cute and if anyone ever gifted me some fabric with the former or the latter printed on it I would never complain 🙂 I do find it funny that either of these animals (both meat eaters and scavengers) would ever be considered cute and yet, here we are. However, I suppose there was the butterfly and the hedgehog and of course kittens and puppies…and bears–teddy in nature…Who is it that determines their cuteness, I wonder? and what will be next? I vote for armadillos!

    • Armadillos are pretty adorable, I agree. I’ve recently become a meercat convert after watching them for a while with my toddler at the zoo a couple weeks ago. I totally hadn’t thought about the carnivore/ scavenger connection between foxes and owls. What’s next? Vultures??

  2. This is adorable and I would love to make one (or several) if you would be kind enough to share the pattern. Thank you

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