a bit of shopping



i sometimes have to push myself to do any shopping beyond the weekly grocery run.  i remember enjoying it many, many years ago, but it’s definitely NOT on my top 10 list of ways to spend my time.  exceptions?  fabric and yarn.  my kryptonite if you will.  yesterday was shopping day for me…not an all day event, and i didn’t even stop for coffee.  i drove to dabble and stitch, then to sew to speak, then home toting a few yards of fabric that will soon be turned into samples of three new patterns.  which, of course, i can’t tell you about quite yet but you’ll be seeing them soon.  there’s voile, batik, cotton and at least one knit will be added to the mix.


i’m proud of myself for my personal restraint.  i came home with some sock yarn, because a girl needs socks!!  and fabric for a marianne dress.  i love skirts and dresses and every spring I vow that i’m going to wear more of them….they’re cool and comfortable.  and then i remember the looks on the faces of the public masses as they run….blinded by the white of my legs, shielding their eyes and pulling young children away from the glare!!  maxi’s are one solution, and perhaps some self tanner might be a good idea this year.

so, the studio is stocked, there’s thread in the machine and i’m ready to get started.  hopefully there will just a wee bit of fabric left to make one of elizabeth’s wee pouches!!

enjoy your spring weekend!



2 thoughts on “a bit of shopping

  1. That is such a pretty pile of fabric. I adore those view masters, jacks, and typewriters! Have you made the Marianne dress before? It’s a really good pattern! I can’t wait to see the new patterns you’re working on, too!

  2. hi teri…aren’t those view masters cute? I haven’t made the Marianne before. amy (sons girlfriend, master of photography) requested one and I figured since I had the pattern I may as well make one for myself! really excited about it…that striped knit is sooo drapey and soft!

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