view from a tractor

what to write about today….nothing spectacular has happened, nothing finished in the studio, no pearls of wisdom come to mind.  what’s happening a lot is mowing!!  we only mow 5 acres, but this time of year it’s hard to keep up with it.  jeff and i mowed last evening until a few hours past “feeding time” and my stomach was growling, so i quit and we grilled.  which meant that it needed to be finished today.  so i took a break from the studio to ride the around on the tractor.  it’s a 1950’s international and i’m so in love with this tractor that i may need an intervention.  mowing, especially the hillside which is wide open and no fear of running into anything, gives me time to think, to plan, to fantasize, and mostly a time to look around and be grateful.  so i’m sharing some of my view with you.

DSCN6014 nearing the top of the hill….and yes, those dandelions were cut down about 16 hours ago…up again already!


from near the bottom looking west.  our neighbors on that hillside have horses, which my dog can’t figure out.


coming back to the top…which means the mowing is done!


and the lily of the valleys that nod hello near my front walk (thank you traci!).  “oh don’t you wish that you could hear them ring. that will happen only when the fairies sing.”  anyone else remember that song from scouting days?

what’s needed now is the “post mowing margarita”!!



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