Parenting (and a moose)

I am only 2 1/2 years into being a parent, and there are a lot of things I am still learning.  Patience, for example. But I am getting better at slowing down and having more “kid – level” fun, so I thought I would share a little escapade from earlier this week.

Jack is pretty attached to a stuffed moose that my mom and dad gave him.


He and Samuel were going to be at my friend’s house on Monday while I worked, and the rule is usually that our toys stay at home so we don’t have to worry about forgetting them all over creation. Jack sneaked the moose into the car, though, so some bargaining took place and we decided that the moose would come to work with me at the library. Here’s what he got into.


He helped check my email…


checked in the contents of the book drop…


enjoyed a coffee break mid-afternoon…


and got his workout in climbing to reach books on the top shelf.

Jack was delighted to see what Mr Moose was up to all day long. It definitely felt like a parenting win.

What have you done for your kids (or nieces/ nephews/ grandkids/ friends’ kids…) to make life a little more awesome?



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