Throwback… Monday? A BIG wedding bow

I was sorting some things out of my desk yesterday and found some pictures that I never shared here of a project I did last year, so I thought I would show them off today.

Last spring a friend of a friend contacted me to ask if I could make a wedding sash for her.  Her dress had come with a bedazzled belt that wasn’t doing it for her and she had in mind a big (think 1980s prom dress-style) bow with long tails to replace it.


It is made of poly satin from JoAnn Fabrics and interfaced with some pretty heavy duty home dec interfacing.  The bow is just a large rectangle (about 36″ x 28″ if memory serves) interfaced, folded in half right sides together and sewn into a tube.  I folded it so the raw edges matched and took a scrap of satin about 3″ x 6″ to make the center “pinch”, which I handsewed around the bow.  The tails I just eyeballed and bag lined, then handsewed to the back of the pinch.  The whole thing is attached to a narrow belt, which hooks and eyes closed under the bow.  I had the bride try on her dress with the bow when it was finished and hand-tacked the belt around the bottom of her bodice so it wouldn’t slide around the day of her wedding.

scan0002 She was an absolutely lovely bride, and I was happy to have a small part in her wedding day.  And, when people asked me what I was working on at the time, I got to honestly say I was making a big *ss bow.  🙂

In other news, I finally got some scanner issues sorted out to be able to upload the pattern piece for the wee foxy pouch! Click on the image below to open the PDF.  I haven’t included instructions because I am up to my eyeballs in other projects, but there are plenty of pouch tutorials that you can reference – Google “zippered pouch tutorial”.  Happy sewing!



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