Friday amusements

We’ve had some kids coming to the library sewing class I’ve been teaching, so I have been on the lookout for cute, quick, kid-friendly projects. I came across these chicken beanbags via Red Ted Art and went a little overboard. image The kids loved them, so I made a trio for Jack. image Apparently he likes them, because this was the only “pose” we managed- the rest of the time they look more like this: image Pro-tip- I used beans for the ones we made at the library,ย  but I had dried lentils at home and used them for the orange and teal chickens and they feel *so good*. Like those stress balls that were popular in the ’90s good. image They take no time at all to sew up (it took me longer to pick fabric from my stash than to make the chickens), so if you have any littles in your life do them a solid and whip up some chickens. image (Why is it impossible to get a good picture of them together?) -Elizabeth P.S. Holding these chickens gives me a strong urge to learn to juggle. If I teach Jack to juggle, how long do you suppose it will be before he asks me for flaming juggling torches or knives?

2 thoughts on “Friday amusements

  1. When I was in 7th grade we had a special day in gym class where we learned how to juggle. Well, sort of learned. I still love to practice it and wow my children with the 20 seconds I can keep the balls in the air. I think chicken bean bags would really up my juggling game.

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