Cooking eggs in a cast iron skillet

Well, yesterday flew by with preparations for a doTERRA  class I am hosting tonight and work on my sister’s  bridal shower gift (details next week on that) and I never got the post written that I meant to.

A number of years ago I won a cast iron skillet at a cooking demonstration. I remembered stories of my great-grandmother cooking in a huge cast iron skillet for her seven children (and apparently she had the strongest wrists ever, because, as the story goes, she could “flip that thing every which way even though she never broke 100 pounds even when she was pregnant”). I definitely didn’t get those genes, either the super strong wrists or the bird bones.

But I digress.

I knew the cardinal rule of cast iron is not to wash it with soap, but any time I cooked eggs they stuck horribly and it was a pain to clean until Paul taught me the secret. 


Warm the eggs up before you cook them. I put mine in a bowl of hot water while the  skillet is heating up, but you could also leave the eggs out to come to room  temperature. It works like a charm.

Is this something everyone else in the world already knows? It was revolutionary in my little world.

(Side note: our boys are 2 and 10 months and we already go through 2 dozen eggs a week. I shudder to think of what it will cost to feed them when they’re  teenagers.)



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