life in bloom





life is in bloom! from my evening primrose and coreopsis lining my front walk to the wisteria on the deck arbor and clematis, there is color in my world.  it’s been a bit on the chilly side (understatement of the season!!) and i haven’t had the chance to really sit and enjoy the view, but it’s warming up slowly and i’m looking forward to more morning coffee on the deck and margaritas on the porch in the evenings.  the garden is lush and i’ve been eating radishes in my salads.  peas are forming and it won’t be long before i can pick zinnias to bring some color inside.  life is indeed good.

but we’re all about sewing here….and sewing has been in bloom too.  i just can’t share much of it quite yet!  our newest patterns are FINALLY getting close and one for fall is almost ready too.  we’d love to have some of you act as testers for our designs, double checking out instructions and making sure everything is “just right” before we send them to print.  if you’re interested and have time to help, drop us a note at

here’s a tiny preview of what i’ve been working on in the studio.



it’s not easy to find nice hadware (if you have suggestions send them my way!), but i love LOVE these d-rings i picked up in nyc last fall…so much in fact that i’ve almost convinced my husband to make another trip with me.  of course i promised not to spend more than one day of our trip shopping for hardware and trim!


and this bit of ‘sheerness’ will become a sample in just a few short hours.  yes, it’s chiffon, and I swore off chiffon, but I have hand cream at the ready!!  tonight is the kickoff of our annual summer jazz series concerts (the concerts that inspired the summer jazz dress!) and with a little luck i may just be wearing our latest design….and looking for inspiration for our next.

creativity is also in bloom!



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