How does your garden grow?

Dropping by in the midst of a busy week to share a few garden photos – it’s starting to look like a proper veggie garden out there!

The herb garden is filling in nicely, although the lovege is doing it usual takeover. I planted some stray tomatoes and peppers in there this year because I started too many from seed and couldn’t bring myself to toss them. 

Tomatoes (Soldacki, Kellogg’s Breakfast, Cherokee Purple, Sungold), tomatillos, bushy cucumbers, Mexican sour gherkins, ground cherries, green beans, radishes, beets, carrots, peppers (Corno di Toro Rosso, Sheepnose pimento and jalapeño), garlic and potatoes.


A better look at the potatoes. This is our first year trying them in tires and so far, so good. Not my most beautiful planter, but….

A French Breakfast radish peeking up out of the ground

  This has been my best year for raspberries yet.  


I love the contrast between the delicate thyme leaves and the LOUD marjoram.   

So how is your garden growing? My next challenge is deterring the moles that have taken up residence I’m the yard. Anyone have tips that don’t involve poison?



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