Summer doings

Happy Monday!

Let’s have a brain dump coffee date, shall we?

I’ve been busy in my studio because it’s  the only place I can catch up on Game of Thrones away from little eyes because I’ve been working on some new projects for Snapdragon (still secret, sorry!) and doing a few projects for friends. I am in another wedding and baby shower season of my life, which means handmade gifts and a busy calendar.  I shortened a bridesmaid dress for one friend (two layers of slippery lining topped with chiffon, ughhh) and sewed a sweet little linen bias slip dress for another friend to wear under a sheer beaded tunic for her sister’s wedding.

Still on my cutting table or in progress: a gift for my friend’s baby shower (she reads this, so no details for another couple of weeks!), a few projects for me that I’ve been daydreaming about (Thurlow trouser shorts, another Myla tank, a summer Weekend Rambler skirt, a maxi skirt and maybe a maxi dress since I’m dreaming big), and, of course, my sister’s wedding dress. We have the lace and I ordered the silk last week. We made the pattern a few weeks ago, so as soon as the silk arrives we’ll be in business and my studio will look like an atelier with lace and silk and tulle, oh my!


Out of the studio we made some time for strawberry picking over the weekend.


We should’ve weighed Jack going in and coming out because he ate more than he picked (perhaps you noticed that every strawberry in his box has a bite out of it? Yeah), but we still came home with a big crate. Some were frozen for strawberry rhubarb pies later this summer and for “strawberry cubes” for strawberry rhubarb lemonade for my friend’s baby shower. Many have been eaten fresh, and there are still a few in the fridge waiting to be enjoyed this week.

In a mom-fail, I didn’t take a picture of Samuel on his first strawberry picking excursion, perhaps because I was too busy deterring him from eating the straw and digging into the box I was picking into. He was perfectly happy as long as I gave him one strawberry for every two I put in my crate.


We finally had rain over the weekend, so my garden is happier (and so are the weeds… sigh).


This picture is from a few weeks ago (back when it was cool enough for a sweater in the morning!), but this is what we’ve  been doing almost every day. It’s so good to be outside!

How is your summer going so far? What would you tell me over coffee this Monday morning?



2 thoughts on “Summer doings

    • I definitely will! I made my wedding dress, too, as well as some for different theaters where I worked, so I’m not too intimidated, but it’s definitely not an afternoon project, either. What’s on your wishlist?

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