a little needlebook….reprise

wasn’t elizabeth’s needlebook adorable?  they make such a great project for beginners….but even those of us who have been sewing for years enjoy a nice needlebook in our arsenal of sewing supplies.  functional pieces that are still pretty.  and so, here are mine!  i made both of these years (and years) ago, but they are still used on a daily basis.

DSCN6120this one was made from a log cabin quilting book (if you’re interested, leave a note and i’ll hunt for it….it’s here somewhere!).  made back when i was heavily into quilting.  i’ve had to trim off the ends of that little bow so many times, there’s not much left to trim!  what i love about this one is that there are 2 pockets inside…great for holding extra quilting needles still in the package or for my flat leather thimble.  the outside has batting making it soft, and the pockets have heavy interfacing making them sturdy.  it closes with a clear snap.


and then there’s the one i use the most.  it has it’s own special place on my sewing table and as you will see i’ve added straight pins and safety pins to the inside…because i always need them!  this one was made as a table favor at one of my quilt guild meetings years ago…..every single person attending got one, which means i made about 200 of them!  i couldn’t even look at them for a while after that, but it found it’s way back into my good graces.

DSCN6118the front was pieced, layered and quilted, then cut into the heart shape.  the back was made the same way, but not pieced….i was ambitious, not crazy!!  inside,  a heart shaped piece of cotton batting was stitched in place and all the layers were stitched together across the top.

DSCN6119i’m still amazed that the pinked edges have held for so many years!

so there they are….tiny things that make me happy while i sew.  i’m betting that every single sewist has made one, if not many needlebooks…share yours with us!



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