Popping in

Hello! I’m popping in with a late “what I’ve been up to” update. As you might have guessed, when we neglect the blog it means we’re getting close to releasing new patterns! Yay!

We’ll be sneak peeking those in the weeks to come, but in the meantime, here’s what else I’ve been doing…


I hosted a baby shower for my lovely friend Kate. (Note that I took over my parents’ house for this one- we could’ve all fit on the patio at my house, but it’s monsoon season in Ohio, so it’s lucky we planned for an indoor affair.)


I alluded earlier to the gift I was working on for the baby. I made Cluck Cluck Sew’s Playful quilt along with a couple of baprons and some burp cloths. The great picture above was taken at the moment Kate realized I had included a piece of fabric from their wedding stamped with their little dinosaur wedding stamp on the back.


I knew I horde every scrap of fabric that comes my way for a reason….


In other news, my sister’s wedding dress has progressed from the bundle of potential above into a full-fledged bodice. I will share more about that process soon, I promise!


And finally, we taught VBS this past week and the program was last night. This was the first time Jack has been old enough to be in a class and he was so excited that he refused to take his Bible School shirt off when it was time for bed last night. This was the view from my spot on the bed (way too) early this morning. *heart melt*

What are you into these days? Any fun projects on your tables?



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