under a full buck moon

tonght is a full moon, known as a “full buck moon” and sometimes (and very appropriate for us right now) called a full thunder moon.  elizabeth was right when she said we were experiencing monsoon season here….it’s been raining, and raining, and raining!  the ground is muck!  but the moon is beautiful.

we managed to mow sunday during the one extended period of dryness and i was also able to finally pick a few black raspberries.  one of the first things we found when we purchased our land some 30 years ago was that we were blessed with lots of wild black raspberries and blackberries.  with all the rain and very little sun, the berry bounty wasn’t huge this year, but i was able to pick a nice bowl full.  jeff decided that instead of berries and whipped cream he would like something baked, so today i made him a cobbler.   i ventured out onto the web and tried a new recipe, which resulted in more of a cake than a cobbler…but seeing that he ate 2 helpings at dinner, it must have been edible!!  i used raw sugar to top it, making a nice crispy top.


a food photographer i’m not!!

wildlife abounds….the night is filled with bird sounds from the woods.  and this evening we were visited by a beautiful hawk who sat on the edge of the woods for quite a while….perhaps spying for mice?

DSCN6163he looks so small here, but this was taken with a 42x zoom. he was actually pretty big!  i noticed that the plethora of bunnies who have been frolicking on the property were absent while the hawk was around….clever bunnies!!

on the sewing front patterns are nearing completion (!!)  two of them should be ready to share very, very soon.  personal sewing has taken a back seat (all the way to the back of the bus!) while final pattern samples are made and edits are placed to instructions.  i do have plans to make some wrap pants.  has anyone made these??  so simple to make and they look like they’re going to be super comfy….like wearing pajama’s but in a stylish sort of way, not a walmart shopper sort of way!

and so, july is upon us.  looking forward to our local parade, street fair and of course the family cookout.  my parents have hosted a cookout on the 4th for something like 60+ years…here’s hoping for a dry day!  wishing you all a happy 4th of july!

go take a look at that moon!



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