I was looking through some old photos last week and came across these gems from back when “photography” meant “buy a disposable camera (remember those?), point and click and get it developed” to me.

I got into sewing via “historical” costuming, and one of the highlights of the year for me and my friends was to dress up and attend the Ohio Renaissance Festival every fall.

By high school my stash of costume bits and pieces was big enough to supply most of my friends, and I continued the tradition into college, which is when these pictures were taken. Be jealous of how utterly cool we were. šŸ™‚


I made my tartan costume, Lexy made her own medieval garb.



And, bonus: I also found this shot from a program Amy (yep, photographer Amy- we’ve been friends for a looong  time) and I did for the historical society where I worked in college to celebrate its 100th anniversary.


All of those costumes have been sitting in totes in my garage for years now and it’s probably time to let them go, but oh, the nostalgia.  I sewed the tartan costume on my great grandmother’s treadle Singer sewing machine. I totally confused the guys at the local milling company by busting in and asking for the metal bands that boards are wrapped with for shipping (perfect boning for that flat renaissance look as long as you don’t cut your fingers off with it). For that matter, my grandfather gave me a pair of his sheet metal shears (he was a sheet metal worker and roofer by trade) to cut the banding with. Memories.

What were your first projects? How cool were you in high school and college? šŸ™‚ Any nostalgic sewing tools you still use and love? I won’t be getting rid of those sheet metal shears anytime soon, even if they don’t quite go with the rest of my sewing kit.



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