An abundance of cucumbers

It’s cucumber season! I only grew 2 plants this year (plus some Mexican sour gherkins that are taking their sweet time), but nonetheless I am up to my eyeballs in cucumbers.

I have finally learned my lesson about pickling (we never eat as many as I can), so this year we are doing our level best to eat them all fresh, so I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to get that goodness in us.


Paul made this salad a few days ago and we’ve made it every day since. It’s just chunked cukes, a whiff of white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and the magic ingredient: garam marsala spice blend. It’s a little bit exotic – just the thing to make cucumbers every night taste like a treat.


Cucumber sandwiches are a classic. I have been enjoying them on a sesame bagel with herbed cream cheese (I did chive and sage this time, but you can’t go wrong- mint is especially great). I am serving them for lunch today with pan roasted fennel and onions and a pretty (and edible!) nasturtium on the side.

Speaking of cucumbers and onions, my grandma and great aunts  always did the classic cukes and onions in vinegar and sugar water salad and that just straight up tastes like summer to me.

What do you do with your abundance of cucumbers?



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