coming up short

twice in the past week i’ve come up short on fabric for a project.  i hate when that happens!!  i found what  thought was some great fabric for a photo sample of one of our new patterns and while i KNEW there wasn’t enough on the bolt, i thought i would be able to do some “creative” cutting and make it work….wrong!  and so i went in search of one more yard, which of course was not to be found.  plan b comes into play.  (note to self….come up with a plan b)

the second time was for a personal project and this time i purchased exactly what the pattern called for…no more, no less.  but when i went to cut into it i realized that it had been cut crooked, leaving me needing 1/4 yard more.  it’s a slinky fabric and they had lined it up from the edge, which wasn’t even by a long shot, leaving me short on both ends!  this time i lucked out and found the exact fabric again, but had to drive 30 miles to get it!

i rarely get frustrated with sewing.  i’m pretty laid back about making things work….maybe not textbook approach, but it’s a creative process and i allow myself plenty of room for ‘creative expression’.  i can usually make it work, one way or another.  but this week has been frustrating.  I know i’m going to love the new choice i’ve made for the sample….i just need to let go of the vision i’ve created using the old fabric.  AND find something amazing to do with that too short piece!

how do you handle the frustrating moments?  move on to something new?  continue  struggle with original plans?  today i’m moving on…and it feels right.



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