i fat fingered it

my first born son wears work boots…every day.  back when he was in high school he was a sandals sort of guy, but he and my second born now own their own excavating company and work boots have replaced the sandals.  due to some upcoming obligations he needs to purchase a suit, and all that goes with it, including dress shoes.  yep, my 32 year old son doesn’t own a pair of dress shoes….oh my!  how does he survive!!!

why am i telling you this instead of posting about sewing and creative endeavors?  because i had such an interesting phone conversation today about foot size(?)

my husband and i happened to be in a store and saw a great pair of dress shoes on clearance….fantastic price, but only size 9.5.  so i did “the mom thing” and picked up my phone to notify said son of such a amazing bargain.  i dialed….and had a lovely talk.

me: hey!!  just wondered what size your feet are.

him: oh, about an 8

me:  really?  i thought they were much bigger than that.

him: maybe an 8.5, why?

me: we were just at the store and saw a great deal on these dress shoes and thought i’d let you know just in case you wanted to check them out and save some money.

him: oh, well, they’re 8-8.5, but thanks

me: you sound strange….are you okay?

him: i’m just sort of stuffed up.

this is when i started feeling a little strange vibe going on.  i said ‘just wanted to let you know…talk to you later, we’re on our way to the grocery’, leaving off the usual “i love you” and hung up.

then i looked at my phone and realized I HAD FAT FINGERED THE NUMBER!!!!  i have no idea who i was speaking with!!  i called my “real” son, laughing while trying to tell him about my conversation and he asked “why did it take so long to realize you weren’t actually talking to me?”

i think the real question is….who did this strange young man think HE was talking to?  he didn’t hesitate when asked his foot size and even seemed interested in the sale….THAT alone was suspicious, my son ranks clothes shopping right up there with invasive medical procedures.

so….if you’re out there sir….i apologize, and hope you got a chuckle out of it…and i hope you feel better soon.  (and thanks for being cool to an old lady with fat fingers!)



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