fancy pants

a few weeks ago i mentioned that i was thinking about making some wrap pants.  i’m not sure that’s the “technical” name for them, but it pretty much covers what they are.  this week i decided to take a break from making samples (that i still can’t show you!) and have an afternoon of selfish sewing.  i needed wanted something fresh to wear to our wednesday evening outdoor concerts.  turns out i didn’t need an afternoon, it really only took me about 90 minutes from decision to runway!

DSCN6218i used this pattern (because it was on sale), view d because I liked the curve, but you don’t even need a pattern for these…there are plenty of tutorials out there.  i took the lazy lady route and went with the pattern!!

DSCN6219and i used this rayon (also on sale….aren’t i the frugal gal??)  it’s not quite as black and white as it appears.  the white is a bit more creamy making it less stark. there are only two seams…the inseam and the crotch.  then you just hem the edges and stitch on a waistband/tie.  this particular pattern included darts in both front and back, which i wasn’t sure was necessary, but i’m pleased with them.  i serged the entire thing including the hemming….just serged all the edges, turned them under and topstitched.  the only thing i would change was the waistband/tie.  it just seemed a bit overdone for such a simple garment.  i think i’ll streamline it a bit next time.

i was just a tad bit concerned about a breeze….and it was breezy wednesday evening.  but not to worry, there was plenty of coverage, even sitting in those horrid “bag chairs”!!  i felt all fluttery walking around in those silky slacks…very feminine, almost royalty…but a lot like wearing pajamas to town!

now i’m daydreaming about what other fabrics to use…linen? seersucker? another rayon challis?  there WILL be another pair soon.


note: there WAS one downside to these wonderful pants…using the “facilities” required partial disrobing as you need to untie the front, leaving you (only half) undressed!!  sort of a “drop seat”, but not nearly as convenient!  i’m sure there’s a better way!!  i’ll “practice” and let you know the secret!


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