behind the scenes

photo shoots are crap shoots.  you never know what the weather gods will have in store for you, but you persevere.  our first ever shoot turned out to be frigid and wet…we persevered.  last week we shot one of our new designs and did it on the hottest, most humid day of the summer (so far)…we persevered.  or rather, the models and amy, our photographer extraordinaire, persevered.  i just sweat, i glowed, i perspired.

DSCN6231even while wearing wool, taylor looked cool as a cucumber.  i think it’s that cute braid in her hair…must have kept all the sweat from rolling down her face…i definitely could have used a cute braid!!

DSCN6233on the final shot with taylor we put her in the fountain, which was really just an excuse for me to wade into the fountain as evidenced by my wet footprints at the bottom of this pic.  then she and amy took a break in the shade to review the shots.

DSCN6234my job during the shoot was mostly that of “schlepper”…i tagged along carrying the samples, our bags, a tote with cold water and my own camera, pointing out spots in the shade that might work as a background.  i’m a pretty good schlepper.

we moved on to models julie and mary, and also inside for a few moments where we all took turns standing over the a/c vent!!  we got some great shots (which i will share on friday!!!).  could it be that we’re “getting” this whole photo shoot thing?  i believe it might just be true!

DSCN6236a huge thanks to all three of our lovely models for braving the heat and humidity to help make our designs come to life…and to taylor for being such a good sport and changing clothes in her hot car while parked on the street!!!  couldn’t do it without you guys!

and amy…fantastic pictures…as always!!  you’re talent is boundless and we can’t thank you enough!



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