It’s still summertime!

First of all, have you heard about our new patterns?? The On the Run Bag and the Lemon Squeeze Cardigan are available now in PDF and we will have the printed patterns in our hot little hands and ready to pass to yours very soon.  So exciting!

But before I prepare my pile of cardigans, since neither the kids nor I are going to school this fall we’re holding on to that summertime feeling for all that we’re worth. For me, that means it’s still shorts season.

I made two pairs of Essential Shorts by Make it Perfect and, as promised, I am back with a review.


(I tried to have my toddler take pictures of me wearing them and got some lovely pictures of his feet, the grass, his nostrils (when he hit the reverse camera on my phone)… so I gave up and put the shorts on the line. Pay no attention to the giant brown spot in the grass where the kids’ pool was. If the price of peaceful afternoons is dead grass I will gladly pay it.)

I made the shorts in medium with no alterations for the paisley pair, then scooped out the inseam by 1/2″ and added 3/4″ to the rise in the back for a little more booty coverage on the chambray pair.  I also made the drawstring continuous instead of just attaching it at the side seams to help out the elastic at the back and prevent any gapping.

While I love both pairs, I think this pattern would be even better in a more drapey fabric with a looser weave than I chose. (And, indeed, the recommended fabrics are chambray, double cloth, lawn, linen and rayon.)  Aside from wanting a little more room for the junk in my trunk, however, I love this pattern as is.  The flat front keeps things looking put together and the elastic in the back makes construction really fast (no fly! Hooray!).  Love. 


I also like how the pockets are constructed because they go together really quickly. The open edge is bias bound and the curved edge is machine neatened with a serger or zig-zag and the pocket is pinned in place and top-stitched to the shorts front. Quick and easy and kind of a cute detail.

I think one pair of these took me about two hours from cutting to hemming and they are just the sort of quick, satisfying project that I am digging these days.

I also made another  Myla Tank from Sew Liberated.  It’s a little long to go with these shorts, but it has been in heavy rotation with my favorite denim clam-diggers.


(I was wearing it the day I took the pictures and didn’t bother ironing it… sorry.)  It is made from a mystery fabric off the JoAnn red tag wall, but I was taken with the little pink birds (“Put a bird on it!”) and had to have it.

Are you ready for fall sewing? I have a Lemon Squeeze Cardi and a Finlayson Sweater ready to cut out next week, but I am still in shorts mode for a little while yet. What are you sewing these days?


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