a runaround bag

i have friends who carry those cute little wallet type bags that hold only cash, cards and a phone. i admire them.  i envy them.  unfortunately i am not like them.  i carry stuff….too much stuff.  and that means that i usually carry a bigger bag…one that can hold my stuff, along with a book or my nook and maybe even a small knitting project.  but once in a while i go all crazy like and carry something small…usually when i’m traveling (because then i have a much bigger bag holding even more stuff!!).

a friend gave me a gift of this lovely little pattern, knowing that i love making bags and so i made a small bag…and i love it!



it’s a “runaround bag” by lazy girl designs and it’s such a quick project that i may end up making several more!!  they call it a “fat quarter cutie” but i used the leftovers from one of our “on the run” bag samples.  it’s totally lined and has a nifty pocket on the back (to carry stuff of course).


i made just 2 small changes.  first, i added interfacing to the lining.  there is already a layer of fusible fleece on one side, but i felt that i needed just a bit more oomph with the cotton fabric i was using.  then i added small tabs with rings and swivel lobster clasps to the strap.  no real reason other than i liked it!

DSCN6315it’s a simple, quick project…and the best part is that my nook fits into it perfectly!  with room for cash, cards and a phone…maybe even a little stuff!


don’t forget our great sale!!  25% off all patterns to celebrate national sewing month!!


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