flirting with fall

aahhh, autumn.  our weather has turned and it’s feeling a bit like fall.  light sweaters, pumpkin everything (muffins, donuts, latte’s), bonfires and all the good things that the season brings.  we had a photo shoot friday….in an orchard!!  i can’t wait to share more on that very, very soon.  but an orchard!!  i mean, how much more fall can you get?

the urge to sew fall clothing has set in….big time.  my wish list is long, and growing.  wool lemon squeeze, corduroy jacket, wool slacks, nubby skirts, scarves.  and i need to get busy with the knitting needles, which have been sitting idle for several months.  i need socks…warm, wooly, colorful socks.

BUT….again, i’ve been busy working on new designs and a few surprises involving fall quilt market, so i have nothing to show for national sewing month….not yet, but hope springs eternal!  fortunately, others have been at their machines and i’m here to share one of those busy sewists.

meg, of “cookin n craftin” is a prolific sewist!  the sheer quantity of items she produces boggles the mind….just where does she find the time???  and these aren’t ‘slapped together garments’…these are crafted, well fitted pieces!   we sent her a copy of the lemon squeeze cardigan to try and seemingly overnight she had made a beautiful version, which she shared on her blog.  you can read the entire post here, as i’m sharing just a couple shots.

i love the print!!  and that she styled it so casually.  proof that this pattern can go from jeans to wedding chic depending on fabric choice.  you can see more of meg’s creations on kollabora, but i must warn you…if you haven’t visited kollabora before, set aside a chunk of time and get ready to begin a wish list!!

this week i’m hoping to get some writing and illustrating done and still have a bit of time for some “me” sewing….the corduroy is waiting patiently.  wool?  now that’s harder to find!!  if you have a great source for wool/wool blends, please share them…the season is upon us!



2 thoughts on “flirting with fall

  1. Ha ha- I guess I am so prolific because a) I don’t have kids, b) it’s too hot out in Bangkok to do the outdoorsy stuff that would otherwise fill my time (makes me yearn for fall and the fall sewing you mention!!) and c) I can’t sit still! Thanks for the shout-out! The Lemon Squeeze is a great pattern!

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