ufo’s or wip’s??

i am a quilter.  sadly, i haven’t taken much time to quilt over the past few years….but i am still a quilter.  i used to be very active in my local quilt guild.  i took classes, volunteered my time, was a member of several “friendship groups” within the guild, and actually produced completed projects.  i would haul small projects to soccer/basketball/baseball games, have even smaller projects to do in the car while waiting for band practice to finish up.  and then…..i didn’t.

proof of that greets me each time i walk into my bedroom, where neatly stored in an open picnic basket (one of my favorite storage containers) sit 2 unfinished quilt tops.  they snuggle there with a few finished wall hangings and i’m sure that they feel forgotten and neglected.

you know how sometimes you’ll let a project sit for so long that when you finally look at it again you say “what on earth was i thinking!!”  or “my, my…my tastes certainly have developed over the years” (which is your gentle way of telling yourself that this project always was and still is hideous).  well, i pulled these two quilt tops out and found that i still like them.  in fact, memories flooded back of when (and why) i began them in the first place.

DSCN6359this one was from a class i helped teach, thus the sampler blocks.  i had always planned to hand quilt this one, which is why it remains unfinished!  i’ve adjusted my sights just a bit and think i’ll use a combination of machine and hand stitching…..in hopes of completing it in a timely manner before the end of the century.

the second one….oh, the second one!  i know exactly how long this one has been sitting!!  my youngest son picked out the fabric for this one when he was not quite 4.  and how old is he now??  8? 11? 15?  (ssshhh…he’s 23).  yowza!!    it’s flannel with some corduroy thrown in (because he liked it that way).  i plan to keep it simple and just tie this one.  it will be a cozy throw (big enough for 2).

DSCN6366now the real issue here is….are these ufo’s or wip’s?  unfinished or in progress?  guess only time will tell.



3 thoughts on “ufo’s or wip’s??

    • great idea Melanie!! i’ll save it in case he ever gets married….that will give me time to finish it:) and thanks for clarifying…although I suppose just getting them out doesn’t constitute “working” on them!

      • Oh, well. Everyone gets to make their own definitions on those. My son’s favorite quilt isn’t the fancy ones I’ve made. He loves the tied one backed with a flannel sheet. After sleeping under it for two weeks in August, now I know why!

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