Better late than never!

It’s still National Sewing Month! And I managed to both complete a sewing project just for myself AND get someone to take a picture of it during daylight hours!


This is Thread Theory’s Camas Blouse, and I won’t belabor the point by going on and on about what a great pattern it is, how flattering, etc. etc. – I’m late to the bandwagon here, so I’ll just say that you should definitely make one.

Mine is made from some denim scraps and a fabulous mystery knit from the JoAnn red tag section (that I was tickled to see featured on one of the Indiesew creations recently as well). I used pearl-headed snaps to close the front, but can slip the whole thing over my head, so they’re more for decoration.

I think the only change I will make in the future will be to go down a size or two through the waist and hips. I need to look back at my notes, but I think I made a size 14 (I tend to err on the side of bigger rather than smaller when I make a new pattern, especially when I go rogue with no muslin), and I could have used more like a 10 or 12 through the body, but the yoke fits my linebacker shoulders well.

Construction-wise it went together smoothly except for the neckline placket, which became a comedy of errors. My fabric was super widgy (*technical term*) and I should have applied fusible interfacing before I cut it out, but I didn’t and managed to cut one side 2″ too long and the other side 2″too short. I don’t even know. I also got a bit confused by the instructions (which *may* have been because there was about a month between starting and finishing the blouse since I didn’t get it done before vacation as planned), but I finally stopped looking at the instructions and ended up with something that looked like the illustration, so WIN!  I suspect this was more to do with me than with the instructions.

I love the cut of this blouse and want to make more. It has everything I love about tailored blouses and it looks sharp enough for work, but it’s as comfy as my softest tee shirt. Well done, Morgan!

What are you sewing for National Sewing Month? Don’t forget there’s still time to get 25% off our patterns with the code SEWINDIE25!




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