a whisper of a plan

over the past few weeks i’ve noticed a trend…one i have no hopes of being a part of.  bloggers and instagrammers are posting lovely inspiration boards with their fall sewing plans all laid out.  pictures of the patterns pinned right up there with swatches…and even a few have gone so far as to add accessories and shoes to complete their looks.  i too have an inspiration board.  one that doesn’t get updated nearly as often as i would like, but sadly there are no neatly organized plans for fall sewing.

i tend to “dream” about an upcoming season and what i might make.  in spring it’s the trench coat (floral perhaps?) and then comes fall and i start thinking about that wool coat (the one i think about each and every fall).  am i the only one who doesn’t have a PLAN??  i wander through a fabric store and when something hits me i take it home.

in just a few short weeks i will be attending fall quilt market…more on that coming soon…and i’ll need clothing.  the designs must be specific due to the work i’ll be doing there.  so today i rummaged around in the stash and came up with a few ideas of my own.  they’re not etched in stone, although i’d better be getting busy since the days are flying past and i’ll be leaving in about 2 blinks!

this may will become one of our soon to released patterns.  a floral corduroy that struck me last fall and has been waiting for my inspiration to catch up.

DSCN6369this may (or may not) become a summer jazz tunic.  it’s light and gauzy…probably too much for a dress, but a tunic? indeed.

DSCN6371another lemon squeeze cardigan?  please.  brown wool suiting.  light enough for comfort and to wear over a sweater.  no, i do not know which sweater!!!

DSCN6370maybe a tunic from another designer…one i’ll be working with…using this unique print.

DSCN6372just hope no one tries to scan those barcodes!!

so i guess i have the beginnings of a plan after all.  who knew??  gotta run post it on my inspiration board!!



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