It’s Selfish Sewing Week!

… and my sewing machine is on the fritz. O_o

I started sewing this fabulous lace maxi skirt last night, but my machine choked on the lining fabric and I put it in time out so that I wouldn’t throw it out the window. So instead of showing you a finished project for Selfish Sewing Week, I’m sharing some sewing dreams. 🙂


Fabulous lace maxi! (That my sewing machine apparently hates. Whomp whomp.)


A knit Summer Jazz top with sleeves for fall! I think this print was called something like “gemstones”, but it looks like little fruits and veggies to me, which is amusing.


And some snazzy eggplant suiting Thurlow trousers to jazz up my fall work outfits.

Now if only I didn’t need to spend my Selfish Sewing Week troubleshooting my machine. Le sigh.

Are you doing some selfish sewing? What are you making?



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