becoming selfish

i’m apparently not selfish enough.  i know there are friends and family who will argue vehemently that i’m quite selfish.  but i think i need to work on it.  here it is, selfish sewing week, and i haven’t sewn a single selfish item!  not that i don’t have quite a few on my list….i just always seem to do the “work” first and rarely get around to the sewing for myself.

not to worry!  i will be making those items i need for quilt market…just not this week.  this week i made a few essential baskets for dear stella fabrics.  a fun diversion from writing/editing/illustrating.  just cut the strips and make a basket!!  these will be making an appearance at fall quilt market in the dear stella booth (it you’re attending, check them out).  each one highlights a new fabric line….my favorite is “lilypad” (the darkest of the bunch).  the other collections are “hello sailor” (love that one design declares “i don’t give a ship!!”), “pixie dust” (i know a certain 4 year old who would love all that pink!), and “luck of the irish”.  each time i make one of these little baskets i come up with another use for them!  you can download the pattern from our tutorials page or from dear stella.


i promise to become more selfish….it’s my new mantra.



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