5 years!

Since tomorrow is our fifth anniversary, and since I deluged you with pictures from my sister’s wedding, I thought I would share some pictures of the *other* wedding dress I made.


Mine was a silk shantung underdress with this fabulous Italian floral silk lace I found on eBay from a wedding dress atelier that was closing in LA.


I wanted a very simple style, so I chose a tea length, strapless, princess – lined dress pattern for the underdress and built the lace overlay on top. Fun fact: I used the same pattern and technique for my sister’s wedding dress bodices.


Speaking of my sis, she forgot that she needed to shower before we got ready for the ceremony, so here I am drying her hair about 15 minutes before the wedding. (We got ready in my house and walked next door to my aunt and uncle’s to get married in their front yard.)


The only point during the day when I felt nervous was after my lovely bridesmaids had sallied forth from my aunt and uncle’s front door to walk down the aisle and left me waiting my turn.



My veil was a simple birdcage net that I won in a blog giveaway. I made the flower clip from some of the leftover shantung.


At the last minute I decided to tie a pale blue ribbon around my waist as a belt, but my real “something blue” was a blue ribbon I pleated around the bottom of my lining hem.



Happy 5th anniversary to us!  How things change in 5 years…


(… and I just realized I am wearing the same shirt in both those pictures. Guess some things don’t change much after all.)


*Wedding pictures by Hannah Samuell, engagement picture by Amy, beach picture by my mom. 🙂


4 thoughts on “5 years!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Your dress was so lovely! I like your touches of blue. Isn’t it amazing how life can change so dramatically in only 5 years?! That’s a great family picture with your two little ones.

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