Planning tools

Kim is planning her Quilt Market wardrobe and I am daydreaming about the things I would like to find time to make for myself this fall. Ages ago I bought Beth Byrge’s 110 Creations: A Sewist’s Notebook and I finally remembered to use it.


There is all sorts of space to write notes on fabric, notions, plans for alterations and seam finishes… much more space than I normally fill when planning a pattern, to be honest.


As I was sketching out a couple of ideas, however, I started pinning swatches of the fabrics I was thinking of using right into the notebook. I’m thinking of using this as more of a scrapbook of projects I’ve made and trying to be better about noting changes I’ve made to patterns I’ve already done once. I am horrible about making an alteration and thinking I’ll remember what I did the next time I want to make the pattern, so hopefully this can be a central place to keep my notes and comments.


If you, too, are bad about keeping your sewing notes organized this might be the tool for you. The danger I am seeing is that there are 110 pages, all of which I want to fill immediately. The kids can survive on popcorn for dinner for a while while I sew, right?

* Note- I bought my copy of 110 Creations and wasn’t compensated for this post. I am just an office supply addict and thought a notebook devoted to sewing was rather genius. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Planning tools

    • It is! I am the worst about taking notes as I am making a pattern on tiny scraps of paper that disappear never to be seen again. Once in a while I remember to stick them in the pattern envelope, but with PDF patterns (that I don’t usually print the instructions for since I can pull them up on my iPad)… forget it. 🙂

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