quilt market…the short version

you may have heard…houston was wet…and windy.  but we didn’t let that slow us down one little bit!  i spent thursday lugging, toting, hauling, schlepping and then bolting, taping, nailing and hanging all the parts and pieces that eventually made up the sew liberated booth.  it was sweaty work. but everyone else in the convention center was doing the same thing and smiles abounded.  friday we put the finishing touches to the booth and headed of to teach a schoolhouse session for shannon fabrics (they make the cuddle fabrics, but don’t be fooled…there are tons of uses and they also have a line of double gauze!!) and called it a day fairly early.  we needed to rest up and prepare for the opening saturday morning.

i would love to be able to say that i saw every inch of market as I have in the past, but that simply isn’t the truth.  i barely saw 1/3 of the booths!!  since this was a “working” trip, i worked.  i did get to see a bit though, and here are just a few of the beautiful things that were waiting for me.

20151025_140147camelot fabrics.  i had a wonderful sit down with marion, who was lovely.  i tried not to let her see me eyeing their double gauze while we spoke.

20151025_143300this display for paperie by amy sinibaldi for art gallery fabrics made me want to pull up a chair a write.  never mind that the fabric was oh so wonderful!  the typewriter did not fit in my tote….i tried.

IMG_20151025_200057the rayon batik by sewbatik was right inside the main door and i was forced to pass it every time i came or went.  therefore, i was forced to “accidentally” brush my hand over the fabric each time. this might be my favorite fabric of the entire show, for many reasons, one of which i will share very soon.

there were dogs….service dogs, but they came dressed for halloween.  this girl fell in love with danica (from sew liberated, and my “partner” for quilt market) and her son ephraim.  we all sort of fell in love with ephraim.

20151026_090640without a doubt, the biggest thrill of my 5 day trip was seeing our patterns on display in the united notions booth.  no words!

20151024_091940and i can’t leave out the booth that we worked so hard to create.  yes, those are wood walls…and a sofa…remember the toting and hauling?  we got to reverse the process on monday evening.

so, there was rain and wind and walking across flooding streets in suede boots….but there were great people (a shout out to my new friends in south africa…hope your travels home were safe!), there were great connections made and most importantly, there were margaritas after a long day on my feet.  it was all good.

apparently the city was aware of my flight time, because the was a string quartet at the airport to see me off:)

20151027_113959so long houston…see you next year!!



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