wooly goodness

it’s november…almost mid november, and aside from the occasional sweater, no wool has been required.  it’s been a lovely warm fall and it’s been glorious!  but…i know that cooler weather has to be coming soon because the urge to sit and knit has grown to strong to ignore.  and so, the ritual of sticks and string (and a glass of wine) has returned.  i knit year round, but there’s something about fall that makes that wooly goodness even more enjoyable.  could it be because it’s dark already when i return home in the evening?  or is it some inborn need to protect loves ones from the cold?  who knows, and frankly, who cares?  just hand me my needles and don’t talk while i’m counting stitches!!!

i wear hand knit socks….a LOT!!  so socks are my go-to knitting.  easy to pick up and stitch in the car…at appointments…while waiting for bread to bake.  i love me a good heel flap!!  now that’s not a sentence you hear every day.  there’s just something magical and sometimes mystical about how a sock is made.  as soon as i cast off a pair, i cast on another….no such thing as too many socks, after all, they do wear out eventually!

DSCN6504a peek inside part of my sock drawer…don’t judge!!  i wear them all!!

DSCN6506these two pair just came off the needles…and a pink pair took their place.

DSCN6500i noticed that i lean toward earthy colors and decided to go a bit “wild”.  yep, i’m weird like that.

but it’s not all socks.  i have several sweaters in my closet too…and too many scarves to make sense…and another favorite being fingerless mitts.

but this winter and next spring there are a couple of babies joining the family.  they too must be kept warm, so little bitty sweaters are on the needles too.

DSCN6498not quite finished, and definitely not yet blocked.  my absolute favorite baby sweater pattern. another evening to finish the second sleeve, a quick dunk, some drying time and a couple of dear little buttons is all this one needs and i’ll be on to the next.

any knitters out there?  socks, sweaters, scarves, mitts…what’s your favorite item to knit?  do you need wine and m&m’s to make the evening complete?

just one (or two) more rows and i’ll make dinner….i promise!



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