book review: the little spark

i’m not as good at book reviews as elizabeth, and i rarely read “self-help” style books.  but The Little Spark, 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity by carrie bloomston was a recommended read, so i picked up the only copy at my local barnes & noble.  i’ll admit right up front that i haven’t complete ALL the assignments, but carrie pointed out at the beginning of the book that you could plow straight through or take them in any order.

61iqOWq+MOL._SX393_BO1,204,203,200_[1]in carrier’s words “this book is an interactive workbook designed to help you step into a creative life through engaging exercises, fun activities, inspirational images and motivating ideas.”  and that it is!  there are snippets of success stories, beautiful images, tons of encouragement and some truly interesting exercises.

carrie states “The Spark is your creativity, and you were born with it. We all were. Humans have always felt its pull.”  true words.  we all have it…whether we use it to create art, food, shelter or even technology.  “your desire to make things is bigger than you.”

the exercises within this book urge you to “just start”, help you create a space to do that, teach you how to dispel your fears, and trust yourself.

my favorite quote from the book is “nothing you need to know is in this book or any other.”  “Everything you need is within you.”

pick up a copy…you’ll find your spark.


disclaimer: i purchased this book on a whim.  my ruminations and recommendation was not influenced by or paid for by the author or distributor.


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