Uncle Sam-style Blank Slate Patterns Basic Blazer

Does anyone else get just a little bit paralyzed with all of the costume possibilities for a baby or toddler? I am one of those people who gets a little overwhelmed by Chinese restaurant menus that are 10 pages long, so when it came to Jack’s first Halloween a few years ago… well… it went something like this. “He would be the most adorable little Han Solo! But he could be a little lion! But what about a scarecrow! Or one of the hobbits! ….”

I finally decided that I had to narrow it down somehow, so he has been something related to his name every year: a jack-o-lantern at 11 months, a Jack in the box at 23 months and a Jack of all trades this year.


I decided to continue the practice this year for Samuel, so I put together a little Uncle Sam outfit for him using Blank Slate Patterns’ Basic Blazer.*


He was not super impressed the night of the Fall Festival at church and is crying in the only semi-decent picture I got of the whole costume (I made a red bow tie out and white beard out of fleece that clipped to his shirt collar), so we had a photo shoot last week in our bedded-down garden (because: STRAW!!).


The jacket is made out of polar fleece with a red striped cotton lining. I’m wishing I would have interfaced the collar pieces since the cotton tends to bunch up a bit (I was in a hurry (surprise) and didn’t have interfacing handy at the time). I think next time I make this jacket I may play with the shape of the collar a bit since it’s fairly thin in the back and wants to stand up instead of rolling over (perhaps the lining facing needs to be just a smidgen bigger than the main fabric to give it enough room to roll? Or it may have just been the thickness of the fleece that was the problem), but I love the look of the jacket and want to make more.

I chose fleece more for warmth than fashion, but it actually works really well for this pattern. The shape of the jacket is crisp enough to still look suit-y while being more comfortable than a suiting fabric would have been.


To complete the look I printed an “I Want You!” logo, cut it in a circle, and glued it to cardboard and a pin back.


Lovely pattern, Melissa!

Our interview with Melissa is here if you’d like to read it.


* I purchased the pattern and was not compensated in any way for this review. 


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